Simplify, Expedite and Expand the adoption of
Real-Time Payments Globally



Global Payment Platform (GP2)

Real-Time Payment platform for Testing, Certification and Gateway to connect to any ISO20022 based clearing and settlement system 


Planning to Join Real-Time Payment Revolution ?

With the number of RTP systems increasing fourfold since 2014, the reasons, investment and drive to transition to instant payment is clearly there. The real time payments environment is constantly marching onwards and upwards.

Everyone wants to join the revolution but it’s not as simple as signing up and paying some dues. To join any Real Time Payments network, banks and PSPs need to go through a full adoption lifecycle.

Real-Time Payments adoption lifecycle

The good news is that Bhuma’s GP2 product line supports every step of that lifecycle. Bhuma’s GP2 is right there at the top, bringing you scalable solutions which enable banks/ PSPs to easily join any ISO 20022 based Real Time Payments network across globe.

GP2 supports Real-Time Payments adoption lifecycle

Onboard with GP2 – The Real-Time Payments tool chosen by world leader in Payments

GP2 has already been successfully implemented for a real-time payment system developed by a world leader in payments.

Bhuma took just 6 weeks to customise GP2 for this client, executing 800 test cases within 45 minutes. With a management summary report, detailed test failure report and root cause analysis capability, GP2 has already helped them to reduce the reliance on onerous manual testing, improve time-to-market and significantly reduce cost.