Why does Real Time Payments matter?

  • It’s transforming the customer experience (including for consumers, merchants and businesses)
  • Less intermediaries makes payment processing simpler and cheaper
  • Speeding up the flow of commerce
  • Reducing wasteful manual processes
  • Improving security and fraud protection
  • Future-proofing the sector

Speed Matters!

  • Around a decade ago, in the US, building contractors were asked to drill through a mountain as part of a project to create a new super-fast, straight-line internet connection.
  • The new connection increased the speed of Wall Street transactions by 1/1000 of a second.
  • That extra millisecond reportedly translated into a billion extra dollars transacting through Wall Street every hour!*

Real Time Payments is a speed solution that businesses want:

65% of small-medium sized businesses say they would switch providers for real-time payments.

*Source: The Deals That Made the World, Jacques Peretti